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What are you doing now,n what´s the meaning of +pl + fr...?.--El Fijosdalgo Jalajandro 20:26 12 may 2006 (UTC)

Eso son los enlaces a los artículos equivalentes en otras inciclopedias. El Cadenas 20:28 12 may 2006 (UTC)

I've been checking out some links you did from Inciclopedia and I didn't see them write as we have, why making the links then? --Nosemosnaide 16:46 13 may 2006 (UTC)

Porque no se supone que sean traducciones, si no enlaces al artículo sobre el mismo tema en otras uncys.--Rataube 20:35 13 may 2006 (UTC)
¿y de qué sirve tener enlaces a otras wikis de esas si están en otro idioma? es como si hacemos lo contrario y enlazamos wikis de la peich polaca... ¿quién habla polaco en España? :/--Nosemosnaide 07:26 16 may 2006 (UTC)
Alguno habrá que hable polaco, en españa o en hispanoamérica también. Los otros idiomas quizás sean más útiles (hay 16 en total). Pero se use el enlace o no, nos da el aspecto profesional que WP nos copió con sus propias interwikis. Es decir, en algunos casos sirve y en otros caso no sirve pero queda bien.--Rataube 11:24 16 may 2006 (UTC)
I depend that Rataube says everything, becouse I don't understend you guys. I don't speak Espanol, but I understand a single words and internet gaves to all off us lot od dictionaries and - the most important thing - a huge base of interwiki links in all the Wikipedias. Szoferka 14:09 16 may 2006 (UTC)
We were disscusing about whether interwikis are desireble or not. In short, he says they are useless, and I say tat are mostly useless but they look good.--Rataube 20:55 16 may 2006 (UTC)
Pues yo las veo bien, no molestan a nadie y el que quiera las usa. TRANSLATION: I think that interwikis are good, they don't disturb and anybody can use it or not. --Chixpy Banderaespaña.gif 21:14 16 may 2006 (UTC)
Okey then, in future I'll add some other mostly useless but good looking interwikis.:D Szoferka 15:16 17 may 2006 (UTC)

[editar] Vandalism

¿Do you want to protect your user's page of IPs?. If you want, I call Shrek for the protection.--F1 Fan (Quejas) Toyota faster.jpg 10:47 14 oct 2006 (UTC)

Your english is good, Gud!! I saw the vandalism after, yeja!--Fer Alguna pregunta? 10:49 14 oct 2006 (UTC)

Descj.PNG. Je suis un gagnan. Oh no, this is french, oh my god.--F1 Fan (Quejas) Toyota faster.jpg 10:57 14 oct 2006 (UTC)

[editar] Meta

I answered in my talk page.--RatauB612 - Blog - Discusión 17:34 20 nov 2006 (UTC)

answered.--RatauB612 - Blog - Discusión 18:00 20 nov 2006 (UTC)

[editar] Hi in polsky^^

Can you make an interwiki to the others Uncyclopaedias from the asturian Nunyepedia?. For Example:Links like this:ast:Usuariu Discusión Szoferka, do you understand me?.>>FijosdalgoTrisquel.png 18:45 30 nov 2006 (UTC)

[editar] Interwiki bot

Hi, But I think that every Uncy's sister actualize its own interwikis with Uncyclopedia and grab the interwikis from there.

I try to explain:

The bot use only one wiki as main. From that wiki, the bot searches in a page the interwikis to the other wikis and it tries to open the interwikis found and searches for new interwikis until it explores all wikis interconected (but can be another groups of interconected pages that can not be reached from the main wiki).
For obvious reasons, I only will run from Inciclopedia as main wiki (and sincerely I'm afraid to do from any other wiki after see some interwiki messes), mainly to actualice the interwikis in en->es direction. Then, if I let the bot write in Nonsenopedia it will only actualice the interwikis that can be reached from here to the Nonsensopedia. Same happens to Uncy, I will never run it from Uncy.
In few words: No link es:->en:, then en: is not interwikied. With Nosensopedia: No link es:->pl: or es:->xx:->pl: then pl: will no be interwikied.

Then, I think that it's better use one wiki as central wiki and every wiki actualice his own interwikis with the central wiki.

Main reason or a example about this is:

  • Three wikis (for example: en:, es: & pl:) have an article about the same person (for example: Pamela Anderson Burla.gif) and the articles are interwikied.
  • Then owr loved Pamela married with Tommy Lee Pena.gif and her name change offically to Pamela Lee.
  • After that, pl: change the name of the article to Pamela Lee and delete the redirection Pamela Anderson (or Pamela Anderson is deleted for any reason and later recreated under Pamela Lee) (Note that the interwiki pl:->es and pl:->en works but not in inverse direction as Pamela Anderso is deleted)
  • Well, the bot run and none of es: or en: have the interwiki actualiced.
  • The result is that the interwikis in es: and en: to pl: will be deleted by the bot and the pl: will lost this linked pages and it will be unreachable from here and not 'interwikied' until the broken link is repared.

It's a silly example but I think that it explains clear why every wiki may add its own interwiki to a central wiki.

Sorry for my bad english, the loong late answer and reject your offering... I think that you undertand — Chixpy@ a las  05:17 2 dic 2006 (UTC)

Re 2: OK, all you want. If you not undertand why is better that every wiki have its own bot... next time, I'll run the bot and it will actualice Nonsensopedia too...

The bot only actualices the wikis that it has username and I configured it (Then the wikis I ask a permission for use).

It's nothing about fair or a problem for me, it's about responsibility. I can't left out the bot changing 33 wikis together at same time. I must check the most of changes, when the bot is running i'm checking in 3 wikis the Recent Changes and openning the interwikis. One thing is to be fair and another thing is to know what I'm doing or at least I think that I'm doing is correct.

It's too hard handle four wikis together (three if you don't count Valenciclopedia because it has few articles) and do the work with responsibility more if there are some messes around that my bot will not fix or I don't know how to handle.

For example:

pl:Chiny<->en:China ¿it's correct? or must be en:People's Republic of China<->pl:Chiny.
Well, when the bot run over this it asks: '¿What the heel I do?' es:China links pl:Chiny and en:People's Republic of China, BUT pl:Chiny links en:China, choose between en:People's Republic of China or en:China, then I choose en:People's Republic of China as is the correct in Inciclopedia, but I don't know if it's correct in pl: and automatically the pl: will be changed to the correct one for Inci, aka change the pl: to en:People's Republic of China.
Well, this time can be a good change if it's correct as en:China is a desambiguation page... but there is another side-effect... the link en:People's Republic of China->pl:Chiny isn't deleted.
I don't change my opinion that it's better to use a bot to actualice one wiki, than only one bot for all.

If you don't understand this and you think that it's easy actualice the wikis... as you ask me, then Why you don't install this and this, and try yourself? The family file is in Usuario:Chixpy/uncyclopedia and the userconfig file is easy to create too. After we have a fixed, I think that is easy to get it run and see how it works.

With the bot the easy and repetitive work is more easy, but when things are harder... It can be easier that doing it without it, but you must be sure what are you doing, and I'm human and if I answer wrong then the bot do that I say and revert the changes can be a very very hard work (exponencially multiplied by the number of wikis changed).

As I say I will actualice Nonsensopedia, I will create the Userpage for Chixpybot in Nonsensopedia. Only wait until Monday, when I will have the bot flag in ChixpyBot.

PD:AFAIK, The bots in WP:es don't actualice all wikis, I can be sure that most of them only actualices WP:es or the languages what the handler understand.

— Chixpy@ a las  02:05 3 dic 2006 (UTC)

ONE MORE THING: see this. Sannse asks me for a link where the use of bot flag for User:ChixpyBot is approved (better, if it's a votation of the comunity).

Of course if you don't want that the changes of ChixpyBot will be hidden, you only need to say No). — Chixpy@ a las  02:18 3 dic 2006 (UTC)

[editar] England, Great Britain, United Kigdom

Inglaterra -> "England"
Gran Bretaña (now a redirect to Reino Unido) -> "Great Britain"
Reino Unido -> "United Kigdom".

So, I think that fr: refers to "England", not UK. And it must be out of this interwiki ring... — Chixpy@ a las  12:23 15 dic 2006 (UTC)

¿Is pl:anglia -> "England"?. If yes, then ¿is not better...


— Chixpy@ a las  12:39 15 dic 2006 (UTC)

Yes, it can be right.

Another solution is split the GB<->UK in

As the redirects can be removed such as es:Gran Bretaña or fr:... and this case is not a truly correct redirection... but there is no problem now — Chixpy@ a las  12:57 15 dic 2006 (UTC) PD: Please answer in this wiki, here, as in Uncy. I use WP because you usually are in another wiki to advise that I write.

[editar] Re: Bot flag for ChixpyBot on Nonsensopedia

Ok, no problem. This link can be usefull w:Forum:Hiding minor edits and bots edits as this feature in recent changes text has a little problem in non-english languages. — Chixpy@ a las  00:22 24 ene 2007 (UTC)

OK. Sorry, if I don't run the bot recently, but this days I´m doing final tests at university. After the tests i will run it again. — Chixpy@ a las  06:38 1 feb 2007 (UTC)

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